Our Projects. 

We are trying to assist the aquaponics program with several projects, even before we move to Togo.  We visited Togo in March 2018 on a survey/consulting trip, where Jerald got a better understanding of how they are currently managing the program, and gave them some advice on growing methods, procedures, etc.  Read below for more details on their current crops and the new strawberry and tomato projects.  You can also read below about the need for new solar panels. 

New lettuce plants

new plants-lettuce.jpg

Tall tomatoes

tall tomatoes.jpg
Project 1. Improve fish and plant growth

While we were in Togo in March 2018, we helped the current manager weigh fish, adjust the fish feeding schedules, learn how to properly test water quality, and get some circulation pumps up and running. We also helped start some test plots of new crops that would be more profitable and desirable.  We built support frames for climbing plants out of readily available bamboo, and made fish-safe fertilizer out of moringa tea (moringa trees are also grown on their property).  Now just 6 months later, their crops are thriving, the fish are growing well, and they are beginning to harvest.  They have even started growing strawberries and tomatoes, which weren't previously grown locally. Yay! God is so good.

Solar Panel Installation
Project 2. Solar panels NEEDED

The electricity needed to run the circulation pumps for the fish and plant raceways is very expensive.  It is currently costing approximately $600 per month.  Solar panels would be a much more cost-effective method for providing electricity.  We would like to install [XYZ kind of] solar panels, which will cost $_____.  If you are interested in donating toward our solar panel project, please click the link below.